Andrew Taylor

Australia / 2009 / 23'


A film crew choppers over the vast plains of the Siberian tundra and descend on an isolated clan of nomadic reindeer herders. Unfortunately, the people who live in this extreme environment, want nothing to do with the filmmakers. Siberia is memoir of a journey, a love affair and an ill-fated film-shoot in Russia’s Arctic north. It’s a wry tale of love, loss and grim hope, told through re-working hundreds of photographs taken in the early 1990s, shortly after the reforms of glasnost and perestroika


Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor is an Australian writer, director and photographer. He has directed animated films, documentaries and cinema films, and his work has featured and won awards at a host of national and international festivals.
His biggest success is a 2002 film entitled “Kabbarli”, a full-length documentary on the life of anthropologist and linguist Daisy Bates. Taylor is currently working on a film-and-photography book called “Love, Death & Photography”. He also lectures at the University of Technology, Sydney.


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