The Brento Base Project

Matthias Aberer

Austria / 2011 / 25'


Paul Kupsa has always loved testing himself, pushing himself beyond his limits using peaks and rock faces. In “Brento Base Project” he exploits the steepness of the 1100 metre face of Monte Brento, north of Lake Garda, with the scope of exploring a new form of climbing – Base Soloing. By bringing together free climbing without safety ropes and base jumping, he discovers total freedom of movement. Kupsa climbs until he falls... but falling is not a mistake, it’s a possibility!


Matthias Aberer

Matthias Aberer is a photographer, cameraman and production assistant. He graduated in Sociology in 2007. He has worked on many projects for different production companies. He has also dealt with the photography for projects dedicated to mountain sports and travelling. In 2008 he worked as Gero Denning’s production assistant in the film “Raid Speed”. In 2010 he was in the troupe of the film “Yes we care” by Kurt Mayer, as production assistant.


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