Yema e Neka

Matteo Valsecchi

Italy / 2015 / 25'


A village in the mountains in Trentino is repopulated by nine Ethiopian children, all adopted by the same couple, who also adopt three adults with problems: an Italian or perhaps even a world record. Two of the nine children, Yema and Neka, run, win and beat other records. They are children of the African tableland, capable of running fast and light, almost without tiring. In parallel, these two new Italians tell their story and that of their extraordinary family.


Matteo Valsecchi

Matteo Valsecchi was born in Sondrio in 1989. He currently lives in Milan. In 2012 he obtained a diploma in film direction at CISA in Lugano (Conservatorio Internazionale di Scienze Audiovisive). In 2013 he was one of the assistant directors to Pupi Avati on the set of Un ragazzo d’oro.


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