Jochen Unterhofer

Italy / 2016 / 36'


The poet Roberta Dapunt has dedicated a collection of poetry to moments that have been a part of everyday life in the Val Badia for centuries: the butchering of a pig, the red blood on the white snow, the evening feast, the passing of time in a valley where traditions continue to play a central role in the life of the community. The sound of the words in the Ladin language merges with the music of Eduard Demetz and the images of the farm where Roberta Dapunt lives together with her husband, the sculptor Lois Anvidalfarei.


Jochen Unterhofer

Having worked as an assistant cameraman for full-length films, documentaries and adverts since 1982, he began making films in 1988. He founded the production company Taenia Production&communication and Ammira Srl.


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