Onekotan - The Lost Island

Simon Thussbas

Austria / 2015 / 52'


The island of Onekotan is a volcanic island within the Ring of Fire in the basin of the Pacific Ocean. Due to the extreme weather conditions the island has not been inhabited for a long time. Its fascination is increased by the two active volcanoes on the island, one of which situated in a spectacular circular lake. These characteristics were more than sufficient to convince Matthias Haunholder and Matthias Mayr to set off to fulfil a dream: to cross the island of Onekotan on skis, but first a long year of preparation will be necessary for the feat, during which it will become clear why there are no inhabitants on the island.


Simon Thussbas

Born in Austria in 1982, he was one of the founders of the Bavarian production company Mischfabrik, specialising in films dedicated to extreme sports, for which he has received numerous awards. Onekotan – The Lost Island is his first full-length film.