489 Years

Hayoun Kwon

France / 2016 / 12' / Italian premiere


In the no man’s land dividing the two Koreas, the countryside is luxuriant and unspoiled, because since the 1950s it has been peppered with land mines for which no map exists. Starting from the testimony of a South Korean soldier, the spectator participates in a mysterious subjective camera journey, entirely created using computer graphics. During an extremely high-risk survey, the solider Kim will witness an epiphany. The film won an award at the Oberhausen International Short Film Festival.


Hayoun Kwon

A director and multimedia artist, she graduated from Fresnoy – Studio national des Arts contemporains in 2011. In her works she investigates the issues of identity and frontiers by exploring new forms of language. Her films include Model Village (2014), Lack of Evidence (2011) and Walls (2010).


Language: Korean

Subtitles: Italian, English

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