Glacier Man

Kári G. Schram

Iceland / 2014 / 49' / Italian premiere


In 1992 Icelandic television broadcast a feature on Thordur Halldorsson, the last custodian of ancestral knowledge conserved in traditional poetry and the relationship with nature. Since then Thordur has become a small but important legend, proof of the possibility of living in harmony with our ancestors, by listening to the messages that nature sends us.


Kári G. Schram

In 1989 he founded Andrá/Moment Films, a company with which he has worked on numerous Icelandic productions. Over the years he has established himself as a documentary maker, thanks to Black Sheep – The Last Symphony for a Sheep (2016) and The Pitch: a Sports Arena with a Soul (2012).


Language: Icelandic

Subtitles: Italian

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