Bergur Bernburg, Fridrik Thor Fridriksson

Iceland / 2015 / 80' / Italian premiere


An acclaimed portrait of the contemporary artist Georg Gudni Hauksson, who has painted some of the most inspired visions of the Icelandic landscape in contemporary art. The voice of Gudni Hauksson guides us through a reconstruction of his artistic career and the sources of his inspiration, alternating images of the paintings and the Icelandic landscape.

Co-director Fridrik Thor Fridriksson in attendance

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Bergur Bernburg

Born in Iceland, he lives in Denmark. He is a photographer, media editor and producer.

Fridrik Thor Fridriksson

A key figure in Icelandic filmmaking, he began with a series of experimental films in the 1980s, to arrive at an Oscar nomination for his film Children of Nature in 1991.
He has collaborated with Lars von Trier and Francis Ford Coppola through his production company.


Language: Icelandic, English

Subtitles: Italian

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