Jean Troillet toujours aventurier

Sébastien Devrient

Switzerland / 2016 / 54' / Italian premiere


In a small bivouac at 3040 m on Mont Dolent, Jean Troillet, a famous climber and mountain guide, retraces the key moments in his career in the company of his friend, the director Sébastien Devrient, who faithfully documents more than fifty years of his life in the mountains. Over ten very intense days, twenty-seven guests visit Troillet to share memories and their emotions.


Sébastien Devrient

He is a director, photographer and mountain guide. Passionate about images and the mountains, he founded the production company Vertiges Prod, with which he made the documentary series Montagnes de Rêve.


Language: French

Subtitles: Italian

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