Son tornata per te - Heidi

Luigi Comencini

Switzerland / 1952 / 105'


Torn from the mountains, where she lived with her grandfather and her few friends, Heidi is taken to the city to take care of Clara, a sick girl. The house is governed with an iron fist by the austere and insensitive governess Rottermeyer, who does not approve of the sincere friendship developing between Heidi and Clara. The patient shows signs of improvement, but Heidi is sad away from the mountains.


Luigi Comencini

One of the great masters of Italian film, together with Alberto Lattuada he founded the Fondazione Cineteca Italiana, a film archive based in Milan that since 1947 has worked without interruption to conserve and promote the film heritage and diffuse the culture of film, both in Italy and abroad.


Language: Italian

  • Fondazione Cineteca Italiana
    Fondazione Cineteca Italiana

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