Alessandro Penta

Italy / 2018 / 54'


What is Jason doing followed by a handful of heroes in the small town of San Chirico Raparo in Basilicata? Perhaps the famous Golden Fleece is found here? Or perhaps it is necessary to leave and face a long journey to find it? The theme of the journey is the thread uniting the various stories dealt with in the documentary: the journey of the Argonauts in ancient times; that of the inhabitants of San Chirico, who have almost all emigrated abroad and returned when they were old; and finally the journey of the new migrants, young people facing enormous danger to arrive here.

Director Alessandro Penta in attendance

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Alessandro Penta

Born in Modena, he lives and works in Milan. He concerns himself with narrative documentary and the use of videos in educational programmes. He has made the films ViaIppocrate45 and Effetto Thioro.


Language: Italian, French

Subtitles: Italian

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