Entre ciel et cimes

Jeremie Chenal, Julien Irilli, Nicolas Hairon

France / 2017 / 25' / International premiere


The latest technical developments in paragliding have given rise to ultra light and compact wings that occupy a very small packing volume. When the conditions are suitable, it has become possible to climb mountains with these wings folded up in a backpack, to then descend in flight, with results that were previously inconceivable. In the Mont Blanc range, Julien Irilli tries out the possibilities offered by this combination of practices, alone or with his climbing companions.

In collaboration with Les Icares du Cinéma | Coupe Icare technical advisor Mireille Chiocca in attendance


Jeremie Chenal

He is an editor of videos and documentaries about the most important sporting events, such as the Freeride World Tour and Pierra Menta.

Julien Irilli

Professional mountain climber and paraglider.

Nicolas Hairon

A freelance mountain filmmaker, he loves to recount nature and social relations through images.


Language: French

Subtitles: Italian

  • In collaborazione con Les Icares du Cinéma
    In collaborazione con Les Icares du Cinéma

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