Il Grande Silenzio

Sergio Corbucci

Italy / 1968 / 105' / Italian premiere


With this film, Corbucci made one of the best movies of its kind, adopting a stylized narrative approach steeped in violence and blood and grafted onto the popular format of the spaghetti western, enhanced by a fortunate choice of actors, making it into a cult film popular with many enthusiasts. It is one of the greatest and most legendary Italian political westerns and one of the best examples of the fertile anarchy reigning in Italian film at the time. In a mountain village in Utah, surrounded constantly by snow, there is a group of bandits forced to become outlaws by a moneylender and pursued by a ferocious bounty hunter. A mute killer, hired by a local woman to avenge the wrongs suffered by her husband, and a government agent arrive from far away.

The outdoor scenes were filmed entirely in the Dolomite locations of Auronzo di Cadore, Misurina, Cortina d'Ampezzo and San Cassiano in Badia.

50th anniversary restoration


Sergio Corbucci

A director and screenwriter, he was born in Rome in 1927. He made his debut as a director in 1951, dedicating his attention to popular dramas throughout the 1950s. He subsequently made several comedies, some with Totò, including I due marescialli (1961). At the same time, he tried his hand at the sword-and-sandal genre, with films such as Maciste contro il vampiro (1961). Around the middle of the 1960s he moved on to spaghetti westerns, with films such as Django! (1966), starring Franco Nero. With the decline of the genre, he returned to costume comedies, making dozens of successful films, including Il conte Tacchia (1982). He died in Rome in 1990.

Language: Italian

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