In Gora

Andy Collet

France / 2017 / 45'


The skiers of the Picture Family came together with Val and Tim, who describe themselves as a “modern nomad couple", for a journey across Europe. Val and Tim travel all over the world on board their American school bus, converted into a camper van. A one month journey will bring our skiers into contact with the daily life, anything but ordinary, of the two atypical nature lovers. They meet local people and ski on the best mountain slopes they encounter in Austria, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Montenegro.


Andy Collet

Former pro-rider he started filming with a web series back in 2010. Today, he works mainly as a photography director and film-maker for big production companies such as Partizan, Havas, ADM or some brands like L’Oreal, Loro Piana, Adidas, Picture Organic Clothing, UVEX. He also works with music bands such as Rone and Caravan Palace, or pianists like Lang Lang.


Language: French, English

Subtitles: Italian

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