Yu Nakajima

Japan / 2015 / 23' / Italian premiere


The circumstances surrounding modern Japanese cuisine are undergoing drastic changes today. These ripples of changes are affecting the people who make and use “Katsuo-Bushi” Bonito flakes, the foundation of Japanese cuisine, and with this the taste of Japanese Cuisine is inevitably changing. Through the world’s tiniest Katsuo-Bushi manufacturer’s craftsmanship, we explore the question of what is sustainable food culture.

Director Yu Nakajima in attendance

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Yu Nakajima

Nakajima started film production in Tokyo. He moved to New York in 2010, working in production at Fine Line Media Inc, a documentary production company. He directed many short and feature films, music videos, commercials. He has relocated to Berlin in 2015.


Language: Japanese

Subtitles: Italian

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