Le allettanti promesse

Chiara Campara, Lorenzo Faggi

Italy / 2017 / 69'


A small town in the Alps on the frontier between Italy and Switzerland hosts an international meeting on the web and the digital culture: the global gathering of Wikipedia volunteers. The film follows the preparations in the months preceding the event, the involvement of the inhabitants and the tranquil indifference of a daily life still based on the pace of the mountains. A collective account of a changing microcosm, divided between modernity and tradition, parochialism and hospitality, and the centre and the outskirts.

Directors Lorenzo Faggi and Chiara Campara in attendance on 28/04

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Chiara Campara

She studied philosophy and documentary filmmaking in Milan. She produced and co-directed the Photofinish. Una stagione alle corse (2014) and Sotterranea (2016) documentaries.

Lorenzo Faggi

An author and director, he studied documentary making at the Scuola di Cinema e Televisione in Milan. He works as a creative producer and author for television programmes.


Language: Italian, English

Subtitles: Italian

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