Tierra del Viento

Laura Belinky

United Kingdom, Argentina / 2017 / 18' / Italian premiere


A journey with the photographer Eliseo Miciu, on the trail of Patagonia’s moving soul. Eliseo’s pictures transport us to a seemingly different time and space. We follow him as he challenges the wind, perches on a Condor’s nest at dazzling heights and crawls though windswept grasslands to catch a glimpse of elusive wild horses. Calm conversations fill the countless hours spent driving and reveal the artist’s bumpy road to pursuing his true vocation.

Director Laura Belinky in attendance

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Laura Belinky

Laura was born in Brazil and worked for half a decade in the TV industry as a journalist and producer. Moving to London in 2012 she completed an MA in Screen Documentary at the University of London where she directed Where I Want to Go (2013).


Language: Spanish

Subtitles: Italian, English

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