Annibale Salsa. I paesaggi del Trentino

Gianluca Cepollaro, Alessandro De Bertolini

Italy / 2019 / 38' / World premiere



The landscape is a living space, a mirror of the activities of man and the communities that have inhabited it. The documentary traces the main stages that led to the construction of the landscape of Trentino. With its focus on living landscapes, working landscapes and crossing landscapes, the narrative thread follows the tripartition by altitudinal bands, from the valley floor to the mountains on the high lands. Annibale Salsa is the protagonist and narrator of the documentary.


Gianluca Cepollaro

Gianluca Cepollaro is director of the tsm-step School for the Government of the Territory and the Landscape.

Alessandro De Bertolini

Alessandro De Bertolini graduated in Law in 2003 and has been a freelance journalist since 2006, writing for various magazines. Since 2007 he has worked at the Fondazione Museo Storico del Trentino.


Language: Italian

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