Elena Goatelli, Angel Luis Esteban Vega

Italy / 2019 / 13' / World premiere



Auspice, since ancient times, is the observation of the flight of birds to read the present and predict the future. Every year Francesca, a scientist and ornithologist, analyses and studies the migratory birds that fly on the Brocon Pass ringing station in the Dolomites, showing us that today, more than in the past, our survival depends on the ability to understand the message that the birds deliver to us.


Elena Goatelli

Elena Goatelli is a filmmaker and documentary filmmaker, with more than 15 years of international experience. In 2013, together with Angel Esteban, she founded KOTTOMfilms.

Angel Luis Esteban Vega

After completing his directing studies in 1999, he started working as an assistant cameraman. Since 2009 he has been teaching Documentary Techniques at the University of Madrid.


Language: Italian

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