Circus Movements

Lukas Berger, Mário Gajo de Carvalho

Portugal, Ethiopia, Austria / 2019 / 15' / European premiere



The young girls Liya and Beza doing the Hoola Hoop, Habtamnesh doing the Aerial Hoop or the boy Beniyam, only with 5 years old, performing the Footing Acrobatic, are some of the kids who are great circus artists and that we can find in the magnificent landscapes of Ethiopia. A surprising film punctuated with everyday scenes of rural and city life.

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Lukas Berger

Lukas Berger is a photographer & director from Austria. He is currently living in Hannover, Germany and works on several photography and film projects. His travels brought him to countries like Burkina Faso, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Ethiopia, Turkey and many other European countries. Circus Debere Berhan is his first film.

Mário Gajo de Carvalho

He has 4 university diplomas in Arts and Cinema. His first movie is The Millionaires, which premiered and awarded at IndieLisboa 2011, has toured 24 countries. His experimental film The Place that Remains had the world premiere at Berlin Directors Lounge 2014, and was screened at 12 film festivals. He directed the short The Boy and the Owl in 2018.


Language: Without dialogue

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