Climbing the elixir

Monica Dovarch

Italy / 2019 / 80' / World premiere



In the Sardinian province of Ogliastra and Nuorese, lies the highest concentration of centenarians in the world. Through the adventures of two passionate local hikers who for some time have been retracing the harsh places of life and the impervious climbs of the brave shepherds, in the enchanting mountains of Supramonte, the documentary relives challenges that have become legends and exploits transformed into myths, while stimulating reflection on the wonderful mystery that human life hides.


Monica Dovarch

Visual anthropologist, she lives between Italy and Germany working mostly as a director of documentaries. She worked for Arte TV as Assistant Director, Production Coordinator and Camerawoman for film, commercial and music video. She looks at any kind of project with her anthropological background that always characterizes her cinematic approach.


Language: Italian

Subtitles: Italian

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