Switzerland / 2006 / 43'

Four Swiss mountaineers embark on a new challenge in the Himalayas: they want to climb the unexplored North-West peak of Thalay-Sagar (6,904 m) in India, which, due to its extremely difficult passages, is considered practically inaccessible. Thanks to their technical equipment the four mountaineers manage to advance, metre after metre, in the worst conditions. At a certain moment, about sixty centimetres of fresh snow force them to leave the wall because of the high risk of avalanches. In spite of all, the group gets ready to conquer the peak just four days later. Between the four friends and the peak there are still and “only” 150 metres of very steep and crumbly rock...



Stephan Siegrist was born in Bern on December 17th 1972 and now lives in the Swiss Bernese Oberland. He works as a carpenter and a guide. Today Stephan Siegrist is one of the most renowned climbers worldwide due to his amazing first ascents and new routes in Patagonia, on the Alps (particularly on North wall of the Eiger where he opened three of the most difficult routes for sport climbing), in the Himalayas and in the Antarctica. His films – especially the one on his successful expedition to Thalay Sagar, in India, in 2006 – and the pictures of his enterprises, whether they are those to the big walls in America, in the Himalayas, his ascents in Africa and Australia or the great routes all over the world, are well known internationally and have received many awards.

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