La Tour d'Ivoire

Maïlis Fourie

Belgium / 2017 / 13' / Italian premiere



When capitalism is slowly taking possession of the Alps, Alain, an old hardened mountain dweller, tries somehow to perpetuate the everyday life of yesteryear men. This documentary traces the coexistence of two worlds united in one single valley.

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Maïlis Fourie

Maïlis Fourie was born in 1994 in Namur. After following a curriculum in mathematics and thorough sciences during high school, she started studying psychology at the Catholic University of Louvain before undertaking a Bachelor's degree in cinematography at the Haute Ecole Libre Ilya Prigogine of Bruxelles. Attracted to documentaries, The Ivory Tower is the third short-movie she directs in the span of her curriculum.


Language: French

Subtitles: Italian, English

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