Non Abbiate Paura di Sognare

Klaus Pierluigi Dell'Orto

Italy / 2019 / 46' / World premiere



Taking his cue from the opening of his new route "Non abbiate paura di sognare" (Don't be afraid to dream), Nicola Tondini discusses with other mountaineers such as Christoph Hainz, Hansjorg Auer and Reinhold Messner how important it is to maintain a sense of adventure in the mountains. A continuous inner search leads to the realization of lines fruit of one's dreams, opened only with one's own abilities. This research leads to an awareness of the need to maintain the mountain environment intact, a shared heritage.


Klaus Pierluigi Dell'Orto

Born in Merate in 1979, Klaus Dell'Orto is a professional filmmaker and photographer specialized in mountains and extreme sports. He graduated in Geological Sciences, and practices mountaineering, trekking, ski mountaineering and climbing. His work includes videos and photoshoots for the most important leading companies in the outdoor business.


Language: Italian

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