Sutt'u picu ru suli

Fabrizio Antonioli

Italy / 2018 / 41'



The history of Sicilian mountaineering from the 30s, with the first routes opened by Maraini and Soldà, to date. The film uses a narrated text, interviews with, among others, Maraini, Gogna, Merizzi and Oviglia, shot by drone, and a fiction with a surprise ending. The images range from the major mountain groups of Sicily, including the craters of Etna. Dedicated to Prof. Sebastiano Tusa, archaeologist and Councillor for Culture of the Region of Sicily, who died in the plane crash in Ethiopia on March 10, 2019.


Fabrizio Antonioli

Journalist and photographer, graduated in Geology, he deals with changes in sea level at ENEA. He has published numerous scientific works in international journals, including Nature. National Instructor of Mountaineering, former member of the Central School of Mountaineering, current Director of Mountaineering School in Palermo, has opened routes in Sicily, Sardinia, Gran Sasso.


Language: Italian

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