What remains - an obituary on Wilhelmine and Bernard

Judith Schein

Germany / 2017 / 38' / Italian premiere



The director’s grandparents Wilhelmine, an Austrian Catholic, and Bernard, a Jewish Czechoslovakian communist, have always been part of her life, although she never met them in person. Her uncle Hermann lives in what was once their house, with their furniture, Marx and Lenin busts, Hanukkah lamp, countless photos, letters and oil paintings. Through the film Judith Schein asks whether it is possible for a house and its interiors to narrate History.


Judith Schein

After her B.A. in Anthropology at the University in Leipzig, Judith Schein continues her studies in the Master’s program for Cultural/Visual Anthropology in Göttingen. Amongst other topics she already worked on films about street musicians and the world of blind persons in Cyprus. The documentaries “Stories of Things” (2015), “9 years” (2016) and “About Wind” directed by Ute Seitz and Judith Schein was screened on several Filmfestivals.


Language: German

Subtitles: English

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