Noci sonanti

Damiano Giacomelli, Lorenzo Raponi

Italy / 2019 / 79'



At the end of the 80's, in the hills of Cupramontana, Fabrizio (65 years old) founded the Sounding nutshells Tribe. Here, in an old farmhouse, he decided to live in communion with nature, without electricity and every other comfort, hosting those who wants to share the same lifestyle. 30 years later this film tells the story of a summer between Fabrizio and his son Siddhartha (9), born in the tribe. Siddhartha's summer runs fast towards the fourth grade exam, which he prepares as a private individual with his father, between the games in the Tribe and those with Sofia, a 9 year old girl who spends the summer at her grandfather’s house, nearby the Tribe. With her, Siddhartha sees and sometimes experiments a totally different lifestyle and starts questioning his father’s rules.

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Damiano Giacomelli

Damiano Giacomelli is an Italian screenwriter, director, trainer and teacher. Among others, his films include Quannu mori l'erba tinta?, Tutti e nessuno, Idra and Mors tua. In 2014 he founded the company Officine Mattòli Produzioni together with Eleonora Savi and presented his first short film as a director, Un rovescio, at the 50th edition of Pesaro Film Festival. He is the creator and artistic director of the Borgofuturo festival.

Lorenzo Raponi

Lorenzo Raponi is an Italian director and filmmaker. Graduating in Film History and Criticism at the University of Macerata, he attended the Officine Mattòli training centre, where he has worked as an assistant and editor since 2014. Together with Damiano Giacomelli, he wrote and made the documentary Noci Sonanti. Since 2016 he has been a teacher for the Officine Primo Tempo project, a practical film workshop for children.



30/08/2020 — 05/09/2020
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Language: Italian

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