Lorenzo Mattotti designs the poster for the 71st Trento Film Festival

Published 17/02/2023

Another leading figure in the world of illustration has been added to the long list of artists designing the poster for Trento Film Festival. In this case it is Lorenzo Mattotti, an artist with an unmistakable touch, whose creative universe ranges seamlessly from comics, painting, illustration to animated film. The snow-white mountains, green meadows and azure blue sky of Mattotti’s work will represent the spirit of a festival that returns once again to cinemas, squares and many venues in Trento from 28 April to 7 May 2023, after celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2022.

«The poster for this 71st edition could be said to conclude a sort of trilogy, beginning with Gianluigi Toccafondo and continuing in the year of the 70th anniversary with Milo Manara; a trilogy of works by important Italian artists, who have focused on the complex relationship between man and nature, each in their way and with their own poetic style» explains the President of Trento Film Festival, Mauro Leveghi. «After Toccafondo’s wolf, which howled at the moon and perhaps sent a message to mankind, and Manara’s water nymph, enclosed in a mythological and fairy-tale dimension, observing humanity with distrust, Mattotti would seem to offer us a conciliatory and pacifying vision of man’s presence in the mountains. The proportions clarify the roles, the colours hint at the possibility of an equilibrium, while the lines seem to suggest that many routes may be followed towards the future, but that man’s path, to quote Alex Langer, must be slower, gentler and more profound than it has been to date ».

«We are honoured to have had the opportunity to work with Lorenzo Mattotti, an artist whose artistic career has intertwined with the world of film many times, culminating with the creation of the poster for the 79th Venice Film Festival last September. We are proud to recall that Trento Film Festival is the second oldest film festival in Italy, predated only by Venice Film Festival, so it is one of those coincidences that Jung would have described as significant, full of symbolic meanings and strong emotions» recounts the Festival Director, Luana Bisesti. «The year of the 70th edition concluded just over a month ago, taking place over a full year, or even longer, considering that the exhibition Scalare il tempo is still running at Le Gallerie, and that we will present the book issued in cooperation with Fondazione Museo Storico del Trentino at this venue on 10 March. However, our programme will undoubtedly not end here, and we are ready to fill Trento with screenings, literary encounters, workshops for children and climbing evenings, all events with a high level of originality, the most significant characteristic of Trento Film Festival, which has always focused on creation, experimentation and innovation in terms of format and content».

To allow the public to “acclimatise” to the high altitude at the 2023 edition of Trento Film Festival, the traditional appointments with the Avvicinamenti section are back, this year running from 6 March to 4 April and seeing an alternation of film and literary events. The programme will be communicated in the next few weeks.

The dates for the Bolzano edition were also revealed, scheduled as usual in late spring, from 5 to 10 June, thanks to cooperation with the provincial administration and the Municipality of Bolzano. The Natura Short Film Contest, a short film competition organised by the BeYoung association in the context of the event, will take place once again. For info see: www.naturashortfilm.it .

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