The annual international mountain book fair

From Petrarca to Erri De Luca, from Dino Buzzati to Mauro Corona. The act of “telling” the mountains is an activity far more ancient than their description through images. Since 1987, the annual international mountain book fair, MontagnaLibri, organised in conjunction with the film program, has become one of the most popular and multifaceted event of the Trento Film Festival. There is a wide offer: guides, handbooks, studies, monographs, photography books, mountaineering history, reports and journals, literary works and children’s books (in the MontagniLandia section), biographies and autobiographies, as well as the frequent multimedia novelties published by editors throughout the world.
MontagnaLibri invites its visitors to take up a journey across “paper mountains” in the exhibition complex set up in Piazza Fiera, where everyone has the chance to leaf through the publications of authors and editors from all over the world. The fair is organised also during the fall edition of the Trento Film Festival in the city of Bolzano.

Antique mountain book exhibition market

Adding value to this space dedicated to mountain literature, the Festival also organises a fair of ancient books and editorial rarities. Every year, during the final weekend of the Festival, MontagnaLibri hosts this unique Italian appointment dedicated to ancient mountain books, an “Antique mountain book exhibition market”. The event gathers all main antique libraries of the Alps – from Italy, Swiss, Austria and Germany -, specialised in mountain literature, and other alpine “memorabilia”, from prints to photos, to vintage postcards.

The mountain library

MontagnaLibri hosts a highly furnished and up-to-date bookshop, specialised in mountain literature, guides and handbooks, where it is possible to go through and purchase all recent publications and works dedicated to the world of peaks. The bookshop also offers a wide range of guides and books focused on the Trentino’s territory and the Dolomites.

Literary meetings

MontagnaLibri loves to break out of its exhibition space in Piazza Fiera and occupy suggestive places of Trento’s historical centre, such as the prestigious buildings Palazzo Calepini and Palazzo Roccabruna, or the evocative archeological underground sites of the Roman Tridentum and of Palazzo Lodròn. These places host the “literary meetings” featuring prominent and emerging writers promoting mountain, travel and exploration literature.

Among the most illustrious personalities, authors and mountaineers who have participated in the Trento Film Festival appear Mauro Corona, Erri De Luca, Kurt Diemberger, Reinhold Messner, Dacia Maraini, Susanna Tamaro, Margherita Hack, Siba Shakib, Joe Simpson, Claudio Sabelli Fioretti, Michael Palin, Enrico Brizzi, Marco Albino Ferrari, Syusy Blady and Patrizio Roversi, Mario Tozzi, Tony Wheeler, Andy Holzer, Maria Pia Veladiano, Licia Colò, Mirella Tenderini, Wu Ming, Simone Moro, Tamara Lunger, Paolo Rumiz.

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