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Jennifer Peedom

Australia, Nepal / 2015 / 96'


In 2013 news agencies around the world recounted the shocking story of the brawl involving a number of European climbers and a group of Sherpas at an altitude of over six thousand metres, due to a series of circumstances that were at length a matter of debate in the world of climbing and outside it. Exactly sixty years earlier the New Zealander Edmund Hillary and the Sherpa Tenzing Norgay reached the top of Everest, establishing a positive climate of harmony and optimism. So what has happened in the meantime? What has exacerbated the relations between Sherpas and climbers, leading to such a level of conflict? Determined to answer this question, Jen Peedom decided to recount the 2014 climbing season, but by chance he found himself documenting one of the biggest tragedies in the history of the mountains: at 6.45 on 18 April, a gigantic icefall on one of the climbing routes killed 16 Sherpas. This tragic episode led to a fierce reaction by the Sherpas, united by their sorrow and fear.


Jennifer Peedom

Since 2006 he has concentrated on making documentaries and since then he has made numerous films as a director, screenwriter and producer. His main works include: The Sherpas’ Burden (2004), Miracle on Everest (2007) and Solo (2008). One of his most well-known works is Miracle on Everest, which received the Alp&Ism prize at Trento Film Festival in 2008.


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