Trento Film Festival 365

The Last Great Climb

Alastair Charles Lee

United Kingdom / 2013 / 60'


Are rock stars Leo Houlding, Sean "Stanley" Leary, and Jason Pickles up to their old tricks again? Maybe so, but they've brought along a few new friends and hopes of a bold new line on a remote spire in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. They're going big again — the majestic unclimbed Ulvetanna Peak is their goal this time. But they're in the middle of nowhere, miserably cold, a bit delirious. Hopefully it's nothing a little adrenaline can't cure.


Alastair Charles Lee

He is a photographer, naturalist and climber who has spent the last ten years travelling and climbing all over the world. His passion for foreign cultures and wild places is best expressed through his photography and films. Known as one of the best climber-photographers in the United Kingdom, he has written and published numerous climbing and photography books. In 2011 The Asgard Project won the Gold Genzian of the Italian Alpine Club at the Trento Film Festival. In 2013 he took part with the film Autana.


Cinema Spazio Oberdan
Piazza Oberdan - Milano


Language: English

Subtitles: Italian

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