2017 Edition

Destination… Iceland

The “Destination…” project invites to discover a country connected to our Festival through territory and culture, by combining the interest in landscapes and nature with the interest in society and current events.

2017 annual aims at a unique curiosity-triggering setting, as well as a new destination for tourists and travelers — Iceland.

The “Destination…” section of the Trento Film Festival offers a cinematographic itinerary — not just limited to movies, though —  dedicated to a country where mountains and nature are distinctive features of its territory, and which is both connected to our Festival and also interesting for its contemporary social, cultural and geo-political scene. After the past annuals focused on Finland, Russia, Turkey, Mexico, India and Chile, which scored sold-out theaters to virtually any screening and event, the new “Destination…” is a country with a unique curiosity-triggering landscape as well as new destination for tourists and travelers — Iceland.

Land of unique surroundings, where thousand-year-old geological phenomena are glaring evidence, Iceland has recently moved to a different kind of upheaval, by finding itself in the eye of a global financial storm which has hit its politics, bank system and citizens’ life. The country where the forces of nature are at their strongest has had to come to terms with the forces of market and speculation.

Nonetheless, in just a few years, the country has recovered, and is nowadays benefitting from new visibility and popularity that have been boosted by an exponential growth of tourism, gender equality politics and by the recognition its artists and musicians enjoy globally. Last but not least, the support and affection raised around the mission of its national football team at France 2016 European Championship, an initiative that deserves credit for having given the whole world the chance to discover the character, sportsmanship and irony of a population barely reaching 300,000 citizens.

The program boasts documentaries and short-movies whose highlights include the intriguing Horizon, directed by master film-maker Fridrik Thor Fridriksson — who also serves as Juror within the Festival — and starred by actor Viggo Mortensen, as well as Inside a Volcano, an enthralling journey into the Icelandic football recent rapture. In addition, the latest feature-movie Heartstone by Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson, the autobiographical tale of a turbulent summer and friendship among teenagers: one of the strongest and most engrossing Icelandic movies of the last years that in just few months, has garnered screenings and awards in dozens of international festivals.

Yet “Destination… Iceland” is not only about movies. The offer also includes a number of fascinating exhibitions, such as Guido Scarabottolo’s — the artist who authored 2017 Trento Film Festival official poster — along with a rich program of events and talks which will also stage individual experiences of this country, such as Fabio Volo’s, the writer and radio-television anchorman who splits his life between Iceland and Italy.

The “Destination… Iceland” project takes place under the auspices of the Consulate General of Iceland in Milan.

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