2020 Edition

Destination… Georgia

The fascinating Caucasus republic will be the host country of the “Destination…” section of the 68th edition of the Trento Film Festival

Finland, Russia, Turkey, Mexico, India, Chile, Iceland, Japan, Morocco: the Trento Film Festival’s world tour has now reached its tenth stage, and has decided to stop in a fascinating country, located between Europe and Asia, a crossroads of cultures and repository of millenary traditions that make it, today, an object of interest for scholars in every field of knowledge and, increasingly, for world tourism. This is Georgia, which from 27 August to 2 September will be the protagonist of the “Destination…” section of the 68th edition of the Trento Film Festival.

Georgia, a republic located in the South Caucasus and bathed by the waters of the Black Sea, is known for its impressive mountain ranges and snow-capped peaks, for its ancient wine-growing culture and for a traditional heritage of polyphonic songs recognized as intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO. If we add to this a rich and solid cinematographic history, the connection with the Trento Film Festival is so evident that Georgia is the perfect host country to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the “Destination…” section.

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