Destination… Ireland

Exploring Irishness, through film, music and literature

After Greenland, “the future” and Ethiopia, this year’s special section is dedicated to Ireland, land of migration and breathtaking landscapes, with an unprecedented look at contemporary society.
The film programme features several international premieres.

“Destination…” is the section of Trento Film Festival that has presented events and screenings dedicated to the film and cultural characteristics of other countries and geographical areas since 2011. This year, the exploration and film programme will have an even more contemporary feel, if possible. There will thus be space for innovations and unseen work, highlighting a special link with the present day, in order to take a new and original look at both the past and the future. All this will take place in the context of a geographical area that while it is decidedly close to us, is not always well-known: Ireland.

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    Ambasciata d'Irlanda | Italia

    Tourism Ireland 2024

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