Adam Ondra: Pushing the Limits
Adam Ondra: Pushing the Limits
Jan Šimánek, Petr Záruba
Czech Republic, Italy / 2022 / 77' / Documentary / Italian premiere
31/03/2023 20:45
Sala Comunità di Valle
Via Rosmini 5/B
Riva del Garda

Adam Ondra, the greatest climbing icon of the present, achieves phenomenal sporting performance. A taciturn introvert has turned into a world-known sports star and his desire to climb has changed into the obligation to win. Through Adam’s story, we observe the changes in sport climbing and sport in general, the influence of commercial pressure, mass media and the audience longing for a show into which climbing competitions have changed. In contrast with the loneliness that accompanies Adam during his everyday training and with the nature that surrounds him when he climbs on the rocks, in the end of the film we find ourselves at the biggest sport event ever, the Summer Olympics. Adam sacrificed literally everything to climbing and now a new challenge is inevitably waiting for him – the family life.

Language: Czech, English

Subtitles: Italian