TFF Bolzano

TFF Bolzano

Trento and Bolzano, two alpine capitals for a festival

A new role for the mountain, transforming it into a vehicle of new values for mankind. This is the message that Trento immediately embraced in the 50s, while the whole country was busy reconstructing and forgetting the horrors of war.
Within the historical dialogue between Trento’s and Bolzano’s administrations, the Festival represents since the 90s the added value of the city’s common vision and respect of each other’s territories.
Two alpine capitals reunited in the name of mountain culture. Together, side by side with Innsbruck, they are able to project themselves beyond regional borders, and embrace the dimension of the Euro-region, an entity that celebrates mountain territories and traditions.

Bolzano Fall Edition

Since 1998, the municipality of Bolzano has been an historical partner of the Trento Film Festival, together with the two founding members: the Club Alpino Italiano and the municipality of Trento. Already in the mid 90s, the city of Bolzano was a privileged showcase of the Trentino’s kermesse as it was hosting the first screening of the award-winning films of the Trento Film Festival.
Since 1998, the alliance between these two alpine capitals, “Door of the Dolomites”, has been officialised and Bolzano has become the fall location of the festival. The fall edition includes the mountain book fair of MontagnaLibri – which is set up in Piazza Walther – and several photography exhibitions, mountaineering evenings, literary meetings, readings and screenings. The last appointment of Bolzano’s edition, chronologically speaking, is the QuoCLIMBis? Forum, in collaboration with the Messner Mountain Museum. It is about a new formula of mountaineering meetings, where alpinists can discuss about specific mountaineering topics, under the lead of Reinhold Messner.


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