TFF Bolzano

Trento and Bolzano, two alpine capitals for a festival

Carving out a new role for the mountains, transforming them into a vehicle for new human values. This is the message that was embraced in Trento in the 1950s, while the whole country was in the process of reconstruction and trying to forget the horrors of the war.
Since the 1990s, the Festival has been part of the dialogue that has always distinguished the relationship between the Trento and Bolzano administrations, revolving fundamentally around a common vision of their respective areas, with all their many facets and differences, ultimately representing their added value.
Two alpine capitals united in the name of mountain culture that together have been capable of looking beyond regional borders, embracing the dimension of the Euro-region, which also includes Innsbruck, focusing on the culture of the mountains and mountain areas.

Bolzano Autumn Edition

In 1998, the Municipality of Bolzano was added to the two founding members and historic partners of the Trento Film Festival, Club Alpino Italiano and the Municipality of Trento. Subsequently, they were joined first by Trento Chamber of Commerce and then in 2018 by Bolzano Chamber of Commerce.
In the mid 1990s, the city of Bolzano had already become the preferred showcase for the Trentino festival, hosting the first screening of the award-winning films at Trento Film Festival.
Since 1998, the alliance between these two alpine capitals, also representing the “Gateway to the Dolomites”, has been officialised and Bolzano has become the autumn location for the festival. The mountain book fair MontagnaLibri is set up in Piazza Walther, and there are a series of  photography exhibitions, mountaineering evenings, literary meetings, readings and naturally screenings.