An increasingly Green Festival!


Focusing on the relationship between mankind and nature, Trento Film Festival has always concerned itself with issues related to environmental, economic, social and organisational sustainability. Over the course of its history, the Festival has had a constant commitment to reducing its impact on the environment, trying to raise awareness and educate its guests, the public and the whole community as regards a matter of vital importance for the future of our planet, now more than ever before.

Since the 68th edition, Trento Film Festival has been committed to obtaining the EcoEventi Trentino label, issued by the Agenzia Provinciale per la Protezione dell’Ambiente (APPA). This is an important recognition, certifying an event’s general intent and its interest in respecting the principles of sustainability, guaranteeing that concrete actions will be taken, contained in the rigorous rules drawn up by APPA.

For the 72nd edition, Trento Film Festival has again undertaken to obtain the EcoEventi Trentino label, participating in the “Pro” category.

Due to their heterogeneous nature and widespread distribution over the area, the events may have a significant impact on the environment. For this reason, implementing action to reduce this impact is considered a priority for the administration and for the community as a whole.

The rules for issuing of the “Eco-Eventi Trentino” label were approved with Provincial Council Resolution no. 686 of 20 April 2018 (subsequently amended by Provincial Council Resolution no.  2089 of 3 December 2021). Since then, any event taking place in Trentino can demonstrate its effective commitment to sustainability to its stakeholders (participants, associations, suppliers, public institutions etc.), undertaking to carry out specific actions oriented towards sustainability.

The Festival has also created an educational kit on sustainability issues, with the intention of promoting the use of audiovisual materials as an educational tool and making its heritage of film archives available to schools.
The educational kit FILM AND NATURE. Sustainable development education is intended to offer teachers starting points for promoting the Sustainable Development Goals identified by the UN in Agenda 2030, through the use of audiovisual works combined with tried and tested proposals for educational activities.

Furthermore, an important cooperative project has been started up with a group of ecological volunteers, the Festival’s Press Office and the Youth Press Agency. They are working together to develop a communications strategy, with the scope not just of illustrating and raising awareness of the event’s sustainability policy, but also with the intention of creating a virtuous circle of dissemination activities.