MORENESS - From Woods to wood

A monograph on the state of being more

The paper magazine MORENESS – A monograph on the state of being more investigates and interrogates the Dolomites as a living and lived contemporary space through sets of trans-disciplinary trilogies. Text and image interlace in a narrative that can be read horizontally according to the table of contents or vertically following six hyperlinks running thematically through the volume. Quotes & Notes complete the immersive reading experience pushing the reader beyond the paper confines of the magazine. Moreness’ mountain trilogy is a metaphorical descent from the pinnacle of high-altitude mountain to the trees and woods populating the back of the boulders, and down to the core of wood and timber. A word-and-image journey into the shades and scale of the Dolomites rendered palpable through a sartorial choice of paper, design and typography, tailored to the materiality and meaning proper of a multidimensional kind of mountain.


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