Edition 2022



Genziana d’Oro Miglior Film - Gran Premio “Città di Trento”


In this tender, humorous yet ultimately very honest take on the cowboy mythos as seen through the eyes of two Patagonian gauchos, cultures are clashing and everyone dreams of a better life. Director Nicolàs Molina – also serving as a cinematographer – beautifully captures the everyday struggles of his two protagonists, showing that for some, the American Dream comes at a steep price.

Dark Red Forest

Genziana d’Oro Miglior Film di Alpinismo - Premio del Club Alpino Italiano

Dark Red Forest Huaqing Jin

The jury has awarded the prize for the films raw and intimate look into the life of Tibetan Nuns who expose themself to the mountain environment to seek enlightenment. Using the power of cinematic time and presence the director invites the audience into a profound space of faith and spiritual inquiry.

La Panthère des Neiges

Genziana d’Oro Miglior Film di Esplorazione o Avventura - Premio “Città di Bolzano”

La Panthère des Neiges Marie Amiguet, Vincent Munier

The jury has awarded this film for the quality and beauty of the images obtained during the trip to Tibet in search of the snow panther. In this trip the spectator can enter into the nature and the wildlife and live from the inside the peace and purity of the place.

Akeji, le souffle de la montagne

Genziana d’Argento – Miglior Contributo Tecnico-Artistico

Akeji, le souffle de la montagne Corentin Leconte, Mélanie Schaan

The jury was impressed by this cinepoetic portrait of an artist and his wife and the way it brings together the spiritual and artistic dimensions of their life in the mountains. Following the rhythms of the season, the film interweaves the fabrics of nature, art and daily routines into a powerful montage that resounds the depths of the their lives.


Genziana d’Argento - Miglior Cortometraggio

Heltzear Mikel Gurrea

Mikel Gurrea combines the uncertainties of adolescence, political unrest and a piercing sense of loss in this complex, engaging story of a young climber preparing for her biggest challenge so far. Learning how to overcome the limitations of her own body, as well as finally saying goodbye to the past.


Premio della Giuria

Lassù Bartolomeo Pampaloni

Trento Film Festival’s Special Jury Prize goes to a film that recounts an exceptional solitary feat: Isravele is not a mountaineer, but his ascent is directed at no less than the heavens! The director of “Lassù”, Bartolomeo Pampaloni, has the courage to join the expedition and set off, however he also shows he knows when to stop at the right altitude, and this is what counts most.



S'Avanzada Francesco Palomba

Two young men in their 30s, escaping a conformist future, do everything possible to avoid dissipating energy by accepting the pre-established roles imposed by society, taking on responsibilities declined by others. Their dialogues are brief, self-aware and desperate, but can be summarised in their firm intention to overcome the employment crisis with a great desire to “flourish”, which for them means adventure, understood as the ability to interact with those who see life in the same way, but also putting themselves out there and at risk, as in every true enterprise. They discover that what really counts is still, as always, the possibility of making a contribution to other people’s lives, however ephemeral.

La frequentazione dell'orso

Premio RAI

La frequentazione dell'orso Federico Betta

In this film, the jury considers the objective presentation of the difficulties and limits of coexistence between nature and society to be particularly significant, grasping the director’s intention of searching for acceptable forms of behaviour: marked first of all by awareness and respect. The RAI award highlights the historic research carried out in terms of the film, images and documentation of the Life Ursus project, alternating with magnificent footage of the natural environment in Trentino, and extensive personal testimony.

Leogra. Eredità di un paesaggio

Premio Dolomiti Patrimonio Mondiale UNESCO

Leogra. Eredità di un paesaggio Andrea Colbacchini

Leogra. Eredità di un paesaggio


Leogra. Eredità di un paesaggio Andrea Colbacchini

The documentary explores the transformation of the mountains in terms of geography and society. The ideas, hopes, plans and observations of the protagonists are constantly compared, exploring the sense of disorientation and disquiet involved in the contrasting desire for modernity and the need for spiritual nutrition among those who, by choice or by fate, live on the slopes of the Val Leogra. The dynamic expressive language alternates images underlining the beauty of the natural sites with a series of interviews with residents. The testimony reveals new awareness, opportunities and sensitivity, together with the fears and fatigue that the harsh beauty of the mountains helps to combine and associate in the path towards understanding the need to help oneself and others, rediscovering the lost meaning of things and the balance between environmental and social justice.


Premio Studenti Università di Trento, Bolzano e Innsbruck

Naja Marc Fussing Rosbach

The winning film stands out for the topical nature of the subject and the originality of the stylistic and media choices. Using documentary material, the director succeeds in throwing light on the obsessive desire of mankind to control the surrounding environment. Caught in this chokehold, the she-wolf Naya is forced to look for her own space.

Liebe Grüsse aus dem Anthropozän

Premio Antropocene MUSE

Liebe Grüsse aus dem Anthropozän Lucas Ackermann

Burning Flower


Burning Flower Ho-yeon Won

An elderly but still energetic dairy farmer abandons the trade to which she has dedicated her life, learns to read and write, and constructs and moves to a new, modern house. She takes with her pieces from her past, selected with disenchanted lucidity. However, she refuses to go down to the city, to her children’s homes, despite their urging, and will not abandon the high lands. Thus Burning Flower represents the perfect metaphor for mountains that cannot maintain or recover their traditional role and must find a way of constructing and affirming their identity, compared to a powerful, pervasive and seductive urban model.

Fire of Love

Premio Lizard - Viaggio e avventura

Fire of Love Sara Dosa

The story of Katia and Maurice Krafft recounts the essence of a life inextricably linked to research, travel and adventure. The tremendous explosions of volcanoes and the terrifying and fascinating rivers of fire are the extraordinary backdrop for an infinite exploration, but also for a love story that appears to know no confines. Fire of love is a unique film presenting a unique story, a story that captures, charms and enthralls.



Inedita Katia Bernardi

A sincere and intimate portrait, at times moving but never cloying, of the writer Susanna Tamaro, a famous figure but with many hidden facets. The delicate and profound direction, at times surprising, recounts the individual and her background with originality and good narrative pace, portraying a self-deprecating woman outside of the box, both complex and light-hearted, revealing a side of her that was previously unknown.

Water Has No Borders

Premio per i Diritti Umani

Water Has No Borders Maradia Tsaava

For the originality of the account, which transformed every obstacle into an opportunity to take an attentive and profound look at a “small” local story, exploiting the universal significance of pivotal issues, and for the effective approach to crucial matters such as war, frontiers and the merciless cold-heartedness of bureaucracy, taking shape with intense representations of broken relationships and indestructible vitality.


Premio Amelia de Eccher

Zari Arman Gholipour Dashtaki

An intense depiction, offering an honest, simple and direct portrait. A respectful and attentive look at the story of a courageous woman who decides to fight day after day to establish and create her own unique and particular space for freedom, after being forced to marry twice, the first time at the age of eleven.

I ribelli del cibo. Storie di piccoli produttori dell'Alto Adige

Premio EUSALP. Quello che mi tiene qui

I ribelli del cibo. Storie di piccoli produttori dell'Alto Adige Paolo Casalis

This short film is full of positive promotional and educational messages and highlights the ability of small local producers to create synergistic relationships and precious alliances, giving rise to clearly repeatable good practice. This undoubtedly represents a good premise for supporting the local area, over time going beyond the limitations of the micro-economy and “family-based” economy, to achieve sustainability in relation to values and ideals, but also in economic terms.


Premio Green Film

Animal Cyril Dion

With the support of extraordinary images, the film contextualises every aspect of the environmental crisis. Taking the point of view of adolescents, who more than any others will feel its full effects, it is strategic to move away from recounting what is wrong to what is necessary to come out of the crisis, namely a change of perspective that leads humans to perceive themselves as an animal like any other, rather than privileged beings, set apart from the rest.

The Teacher and The Mountain

Premio T4Future

The Teacher and The Mountain Anthony Soto, Robert Castano

It was unanimously agreed that it presents the strongest message. Thanks to the unique story of the protagonist and his charismatic personality, this documentary stood out as one of the films with the greatest impact, stimulating viewers to have a proactive vision of life.


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