Edition 2021


Anche stanotte le mucche danzeranno sul tetto

Genziana d’Oro Miglior Film - Gran Premio “Città di Trento”

Anche stanotte le mucche danzeranno sul tetto Aldo Gugolz

In that same nature where someone seeks resurrection, others find death. The director skillfully uses the frame of a crime story to transport the viewer with audiovisual expertise (photography and sound are valuable) into the high mountain environment and introduce him to Fabiano, a young man in search for a new self in the alleged idyllic peace of the mountain. Confused by existential doubts and feelings of guilt, it is in the new role of father that the protagonist tries to elaborate the relationship with his own, leading the film to reflect with awareness and depth on the thorny issue of family inheritance and the possible emancipation from it.

Holy Bread


Holy Bread Rahim Zabihi

Life in mountain communities is not easy; in many cases reality reflects inequalities and minimal subsistence conditions. Holy Bread offers rough testimonies of how the Kulbars transport goods through mountain passes without the necessary technical equipment, facing dangers and extreme weather conditions, with the strong will to do whatever it takes to bring the holy bread to the family table.

Here I Am, Again

Genziana d’Oro Miglior Film di Esplorazione o Avventura - Premio “Città di Bolzano”

Here I Am, Again Polly Guentcheva

Climbing and conquering mountains is every mountaineer’s dream. Taking that last step that places you at the top is what drives every moment of a climber's life. Some may argue that it's that kind of determination one needs to succeed in life, to defeat obstacles, and fulfill one's dreams. But, can unconditional love for the mountain help us be better human beings — stronger, more determined and driven? In Here I Am, Again, we not only learn about Boyan Petrov's incredible achievements, both as a climber and a zoologist, Director Polly Guentcheva shows us that there is much more to Boyan’s story than just a passion for climbing. He may be the very embodiment of courage, leading us to wonder whether a mountain can teach us to be fighters, and survivors, at any altitude.

Die letzten Österreicher

Genziana d’Argento – Miglior Contributo Tecnico-Artistico

Die letzten Österreicher Lukas Pitscheider

How many people does it take to become a community, a homeland? What is it that creates the feeling of national identity: the perpetuating of traditions, the language, the shared nostalgia? By sending us to Austrian wooden chalets in the middle of the Ukrainian Carapates, Lukas Pitscheider's film The Last Austrians questions us about globalization, immigration, identity. Strong characters run through the narrative and it is through a precise and remarkable capture of their daily lives, the attention paid to tiny gestures and to the invisible that the director manages to ask an eminently human and contemporary question: leave or stay?

One Day


One Day Jin Jiang

In a sense, life can be boiled down to two existential questions: Where are you? And where are you going? The winning short film of Trento International Film Festival succeeds with the simplest of narratives to keep us glued to the screen, as a man in rural China walks towards his home. As daylight fades, and seasons change, we experience a slice of life in an unfiltered but highly cinematic form. As the man approaches his surprising destination, we're left wanting to know more. And what more can you ask of a short film?

Chaddr - A River Between Us

Premio della Giuria

Chaddr - A River Between Us Minsu Park

Even in a mountain-themed film festival, sometimes it's the most down-to-earth stories that capture our hearts. The winner of the Special Jury Prize portraits an everyday drama in the life of a family in the Himalayas, as 17-year-old Stanzin embarks on the difficult and dangerous 4-day journey from her boarding school and back to her home village. Although the events are dramatic, the film is told in a slow pace and with great attention to the relationship between Stanzin and her parents. It reminds us of the price we sometimes must pay for the sake of our family.

Icemeltland park

Menzione Speciale della Giuria

Icemeltland park Liliana Colombo

Icemeltland park

Menzione Speciale della Giuria

Icemeltland park Liliana Colombo

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